Local Information

Travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a world - class destination

Scotland’s capital city and home to the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh is a fusion of fabled streets and historic buildings, contained within a vibrant modern city.
Quite simply, it is a brilliant destination in which to hold an international conference.
The city and surrounding area have a wide range of unusual, historic and world famous venues in which to hold conferences or social events - including elegant stately homes, The Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Museum and historic underground ghostly vaults.
Edinburgh, Scotland’s inspiring capital city, is at the heart of Scotland and easy to reach by air, rail and road.

Visa Information

Please see the UK Border Agency web site to see if you require a visa. We can issue a visa support letter, which describes the technical nature of the conference. Send your request for a visa support letter to iva2013@googlegroups.com with the following information:

Please indicate any involvement that you have with the conference. For example, if you have submitted a paper to the conference, include the number assigned to the paper. If you are on the programme committee for the conference or one of its workshops, please give details.


Visitor information can be found at the official Edinburgh tourism site. Popular attractions include Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyrood House, and the Royal Yacht Britania. Many tour operators, with shops on the Royal Mile, run trips to explore other parts of Scotland.

Eating out

There are several informal restaurants and bars close to the Informatics Forum, and many more on George IV Bridge and the Royal Mile, a few minutes' walk north. The List has reviews of many of the dining options.