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Funded Research Studentships

We currently have fully-funded PhD positions in Speech Technology, for the following projects. You are encouraged to make informal contact with the named supervisor(s) before submitting a formal application: we will assist you in preparing a strong application.

Distant Speech Recognition of Overlapping Speech

In collaboration with Toshiba Research Europe

This studentship will be supervised by Prof Steve Renals at the University of Edinburgh and by Dr Rama Doddipatla and Prof Yannis Stylianou at Toshiba.

The PhD research project will focus on the recognition of overlapped speech. There has been a variety of work in speech separation and recognition, dating back to the speech separation challenges of a decade ago. More recent approaches have addressed the problem using deep learning approaches, including stacked LSTM networks and deep clustering.

In this project we shall investigate jointly modelling speech separation and speech recognition in order to better recognise overlapped speech, exploring both the single channel and multichannel cases. We shall initially investigate two principal research approaches: (1) Multi-task and adversarial learning, in which convolutional and recurrent networks will be trained with combined objective functions for both recognition and enhancement (or separation). (2) Attentional approaches that explicitly aim to attend to a single source at a time, building on gating architectures used in LSTM and deep feed-forward networks.

The project will also explore domain adaptive training. This is a necessity for distant speech recognition as are relatively few corpora with multiple distant microphone recordings.

The work will be mainly carried out using publicly available databases (in particular the AMI and ICSI corpora) and will use open source software toolkits (in particular, Kaldi).

Funding: This PhD studentship is supported by Toshiba Research Europe. The studentship includes full funding (fees + stipend) for 3.5 years, and includes an internship at Toshiba Research Europe's Cambridge laboratory. We would like the successful applicant to start by September 2017, but a later start date may be negotiable.

Eligibility: This studentship is subject to the usual eligibility requirements for PhD study et Edinburgh. The studentship can support either Home/EU or Overseas fees.

How to apply: read more details about studying for a PhD in CSTR / ILCC, and how to apply. Please indicate in the application that you wish to be considered for this studentship. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

General applications for our PhD programme

Please read about studying for a PhD at CSTR if you would like to apply to us with your own research proposal.

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Masters Programmes

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We occasionally offer internships in CSTR. These are mainly for PhD students at other institutions, but we do consider undergraduate and Masters applicants. Opportunities change every year, so please contact us for more information.