The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Internship opportunities at CSTR

How to apply

Please apply by email to and include the following information: Please note that we receive a large number of applications for visits and internships, so please take the time to make your application as strong as possible: ensure your CV includes the relevant information, and tell us why you want to come to CSTR and work on a particular topic. Note that we are able to take only a limited number of interns each year. The number of topics listed on this page may well be much greater than the number of interns we are looking for at any given time.

How quickly will your application be considered?

We consider applications on a rolling basis, in small batches, and aim to make decisions within 4-6 weeks of your application. If you have not heard from us after this time, you have probably been unsuccessful, but you can always mail us again to confirm. We do try to respond to every application, including unsuccessful ones.

Eligibility and restrictions

Eligibility for each position varies, so please read the descriptions carefully before applying. Note that local students can normally only hold an internship during the vacations or after completion of their studies (e.g. local Masters students cannot combine an internship with their summer dissertation project, but could apply for an internship to commence after completion of their degree; local PhD students cannot normally take full-time paid internships during their studies, but may be eligible for part-time / casual work).

Internships currently on offer

The Interviewer's Friend

The intern will build a mobile app and web server that allows the user to diarize interviews, record them on their phone, and later access them from the web server using a diary interface. The web server will produce automatic (but imperfect) transcription for the interview, and allow the interviewer to download the data, play it back, browse, and search.

A mobile interface for recorded meetings

The intern will create a phone app that demonstrates a new interface for browsing a recorded meeting and controlling playback using speech recognition output. The interface will allow the user to flick through the meeting and find segments of interest using a graphical representation that shows speaker patterns and high frequency words.

HMM-based speech synthesis using the Kaldi toolkit