The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh


Project Summary

Statistical Analysis of Text In Speech Synthesis

Project Details

The Satissfy project brings together the work in probabilistic and statistical language anlaysis with text to speech synthesis. Satissfy stands for Statistical Analysis of Text In Speech Synthesis (for you!).

In many text to speech systems analysis of raw text has been done to heuristic rule based systems. However progress has been made in applying statistical models of language which could benefit analysis of text in a speech synthesis system. For example, parsing systems, part of speech taggers, phrase break prediction etc. But we are interested in using statistical knowledge better and be able to influence the predictions in contextually appropriate ways. For example, raw text analysis in email messages is quite distinct from analysis of clearly written single threaded text in a press release.

In the long term we wish to develop statistical models for anaylsis of text types (e.g. email, news, HTML, Latex etc) that make for better synthesis.


Current Progress

These are fully implemented within the Festival Speech Synthesis System.

Future Work

Three areas are identified for the next few months of work.


This work is being funded by the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, EPSRC grant GR/K54229: "Statistical Text Analysis for Speech Synthesis"

Duration: April 1996 - March 1999

Contact Alan W Black for more details.