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Project Summary

Combilex is a high-quality multi-accent pronunciation lexicon for English with several advanced features.

Project Details

What is Combilex?

Combilex is a high-quality pronunciation lexicon for speech technology applications, developed from scratch at the Centre for Speech Technology Research. Combilex is an accent-independent lexicon, among several other advanced features. For more details, see the papers listed in the publications section below. To make any technical or licensing enquiries, see contact information below.

Selected project publications

[1] Korin Richmond, Robert Clark, and Sue Fitt. On generating Combilex pronunciations via morphological analysis. In Proc. Interspeech, pages 1974-1977, Makuhari, Japan, September 2010. [.pdf ]
[2] K. Richmond, R. Clark, and S. Fitt. Robust LTS rules with the Combilex speech technology lexicon. In Proc. Interspeech, pages 1295-1298, Brighton, UK, September 2009. [ .pdf ]
[3] Sue Fitt and Korin Richmond. Redundancy and productivity in the speech technology lexicon - can we do better? In Proc. Interspeech 2006, September 2006. [ .pdf ]


August 2005 -


Funding Source

Proof-of-Concept grant from Scottish Enterprise


For technical and licensing enquiries, please mail