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A directory of articulatory data resources

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This page was produced as the collaborative outcome of the ACCOR Workshop on Articulatory Databases held at IPSK, Munich on 25-26th May 1995.

Articulatory instrumentation

Laboratories undertaking articulatory studies

Haskins Laboratories (European mirror at IPSK, Munich) Articulatory phonolgy, Speech production, Articulatory synthesis, magnetometry, gestural modelling, HADES speech analysis software and much more. The Talking Heads site provides an overview of the physiological/computational/cognitive models of audio-visual speech inluding a section on Speech Production
The Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas, Dallas Kinematic, acoustic and perceptual study of childrens vowels, compensatory articulation in adult aphasia using EMA.
Edinburgh Speech Production Research Facility Various projects using EMA,EPG, laryngograph, and airflow.
The HIP lab at ATR A project to preserve cineradiographic data including sample movies and analysis software, the collection of volumetric data for sustainable VT configurations using MRI with sample images. (The HIP lab closed on Feb 28th 2001)
ICP, Grenoble Articulatory and acoustic modelling research. Home page for the Speech Maps European Project.
Speech communication group in the Research Laboratory of electronics, MIT Speech production and perception modelling. EMMA development.
Speech perception and production lab in the Department of Psychology, Queen's University, Canada Work includes studies such as fMRI and Neural Control of Speech Perception and Production and tracking children's speech perception and production during and after episodes of otitis media. Details of the cineradiographic database for speech research can be found here. (Phil Hoole at IPSK, Munich has transferred some of this data from laser disk/VHS to digital form.)
Motor Control Lab at the Department of Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Work includes neural control of orofacial and multi-joint limb movement through a combination of empirical and modeling studies.
Phonetics Laboratory, UCLA Analysis of X-ray films and X-ray microbeam data, CSL with Palatometer, Aerodynamic measurement and Laryngograph.
UCLA Speech Processing & Auditory Perception Laboratory, Dept. of Elect. Engg. Research activities include Automatic Speech Recognition using Articulatory data and Novel Techniques for Modeling Speech Production. MRI images and Shareware software of S. Maeda's vocal tract synthesiser.
UConn Laboratory for Speech Physi ology and Motor Control, Dept. Communication Sciences, University of Conneticut.
Research examining (a) the sensorimotor organization and control of multiple articulatory and phonatory actions contributing to normal speech production, and (b) the neuromotor and neurophysiological mechanisms underlying stuttering. 
Vocal Tract Visualization Laboratory, University of Maryland Medical School. Ultrasound and MRI pictures of the tongue and vocal tract, image processing software....



Acquisition and Analysis software

Online Publcations and Abstracts



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