The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Phase One data release for Blizzard 2012

These data were made available to registered participants in the Blizzard Challenge 2012 and are now available generally.

Speech data

Data for Phase One of the Blizzard Challenge 2012 was generously provided by Toshiba Research Europe Ltd, Cambridge Research Laboratory

This data is released under a slightly modified Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license. To download, you must read and accept the license. Once we have received and manually verified your license, we will email you a password.


The following files (sizes and md5 checksums are given in parentheses) are available to download from here: Each file contains data from one audiobook, along with transcriptions, labels and other information. Refer to the README file in each distribution for more information.

Updated labels for the above four audiobooks have been released - see the Readme in the distribution for an explanation.

Development data, tools, benchmark voices

We hope to make some benchmark voices available later in the challenge.

Test sentences

Coming later.

Contact Simon King for more details.