The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Lessac Technologies, Inc. voice release for Blizzard 2011

These data were made available to registered participants in the Blizzard Challenge 2011 and are now available generally.

Speech data

This data is released under a license for non-commercial use only. Read and accept the license. Once we have received your registration and your license, we will email you a password. All requests are manually checked.

Information about the speaker

The speaker is Nancy Krebs, who is a professional voice coach. She has a US English accent.


The data comprises:
  1. 16k prompts in wave file format
  2. pitch marks for 16k wave files
  3. prompts in text format
  4. automated label files in Lesseme format (a prosodic phoneme set of 800+ labels), as produced by the Lessac front-end, including segmentation boundaries
  5. corrected labels (i.e. for a few labels, the correct Lesseme label is different than that produced by the Front-end due to Front-end issues or Voice actor issues ) - these may or may not be useful to participants
  6. Lesseme descriptions and a mapping description to go from Lessemes to other phoneme sets
  7. original unsplit full fidelity wave files (one studio session was at 44.1K, the rest at 96K)
The following files are available to download from here: as well as the following files which participants may find useful: md5 checksums for the files are as follows:
	dd633a50bc40c690e89dafa9a2c2769a  44k_wav.tar.bz2

	1ce493db881fd50fc1006e8c51fd527d  96k_wav_part_1.tar.bz2
	bb32ae158aa97a3e39c50f7811f425bf  96k_wav_part_2.tar.bz2
	6007ce1b5b186cad0740155f533fd5ab  96k_wav_part_3.tar.bz2
	be322bace2e19c2bd08376b78023fb39  96k_wav_part_4.tar.bz2

	ec2bbd518751cb350680b66833e61411  corrected.gui
	9e91f5076c3cb6246e9881ceb7581d21  NancyCorpusToArchiveMap.xls
	a370e4715e95b227503f371ecfd1a518  uncorrected.gui
	bb2a80dd1423f87ba12d2074af8e7a3f  wavn.tgz
and the sizes of the large files are:
	3.8G    44k_wav.tar.bz2
	5.3G    96k_wav_part_1.tar.bz2
	4.6G    96k_wav_part_2.tar.bz2
	3.9G    96k_wav_part_3.tar.bz2
	3.9G    96k_wav_part_4.tar.bz2
	1.6G    wavn.tgz

Front end

Lessac Technologies Inc. have made their front end available via the internet. Some notes on usage and restrictions can be found in the file lessac_front_end_instructions.html which is available after you obtain a license for the data.

Contact Simon King for more details.