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CSTR Weekly Meeting - Talk Schedule

Time and Place

CSTR meetings will generally held on Monday at 16:10. As of 16 March 2020, we will be running CSTR talks virtually via Zoom (due to the COVID-19). We will send out the link to join the virtual meeting on the CSTR talks mailing list.


Meetings consist of a 30-45 minute talk followed by questions and discussion.


We've roughly scheduled CSTR members to give one research talks during the year. We expect these annual reports to be interspersed with practice talks, pre-viva talks, talks from visitors etc. Contact Catherine Lai to select specific dates or if you would like to enter the rota.

Do you have a great idea that you want to develop? You can always schedule a work-in-progress talk earlier than you appear on the list!

Talk schedule

Date Speaker
25 January 2021 Andrea Carmantini
Adapting end-to-end speech recognition systems to accent variation (second year review)
1 February 2021 Shuzhuang Xu
First Year Review
22 February 2021 Zack Hodari
CAMP: a Two-Stage Approach to Modelling Prosody in Context
1 March 2021 Michael Auli, Facebook AI Research
Self-supervised learning of speech representations with wav2vec
19 April 2021 Cassia Valentini Botinhao
Sequence-to-sequence speech synthesis
10 May 2021 Erfan Loweimi
On the Robustness and Training Dynamics of Raw Waveform Models
31 May 2021
09:00, Mon
Erica Cooper, NII
21 June 2021
09:00, Mon
Jennifer Williams
Learning Disentangled Speech Representations (DDD talk)
28 June 2021Dan Wells
12 July 2021Atli Thor Sigurgeirsson
Understanding Unsupervised Methods for Prosody and Style modelling in Speech Synthesis
19 July 2021Yumnah Mohamied
26 July 2021Chau Luu
16 August 2021Jinhong Lu
23 August 2021Sarenne Wallbridge
20 September 2021Zeyu Zhao
27 September 2021Johannah O'Mahony
01 November 2021Gustav Henter
13 December 2021Pilar Oplustil Gallegos
3rd year review
20 December 2021Jason Fong
2nd year review

Coming up next...

(with date of last talk)
Korin Richmond (11.03.19)
Hiroshi Shimodaira (25.03.19)
Peter Bell (04.04.19)
Catherine Lai (30.05.19)
Ramon Sanabria
Jie Chi
Emelie Van de Vreken
Nina Markl
Steve Renals (23.10.17)
Oliver Watts (28.10.19)
Ondrej Klejch (21.04.20)
Avashna Govender (08.06.20)
Simon King (13.07.20)
Jason Fong (27.07.20) 
Jacob Webber (10.08.20)
Jason Taylor (27.08.20)
Shucong Zhang (21.09.20)
Carol Chermaz (09.11.20)
Pilar Oplustil-Gallegos (14.12.20)
Andrea Carmantini (25.01.21)
Shuzhuang Xu (01.02.21)
Zack Hodari (22.02.21)
Cassia Valentini (19.04.21)
Erfan Loweimi (10.05.21)
Junichi Yamagishi (31.05.18)
Jennifer Williams (21.06.21)
Dan Wells (28.06.21)
Atli Thor Sigurgeirsson (11.07.21)
Yumnah Mohamied (16.07.21)
Chau Luu (26.07.21)
JinHong Lu (16.08.21)
Sarenne Wallbridge (23.08.21)
Gene-Ping Yang (14.09.21)
Zeyu Zhao (20.09.21)
Johannah O'Mahony (27.09.21)