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EdSST Long Term Fellows (3yr)

(no portrait) Sebastian Andersson, CSTR

Processing and modelling of spontaneous speech for synthesis
(no portrait) João Cabral, CSTR

Glottal source modelling in HMM-based speech synthesis.
(no portrait) Tanja Kocjancic, SSRC

Ultrasound investigation of tongue movements in developmental apraxia of speech.
(no portrait) Martin Tietze, CSTR

Adapting spoken dialogue systems to older users with a cognitive user model of language processing.
(no portrait) Dong Wang, CSTR

Spoken term detection with different information sources, e.g. with phoneme- and grapheme-based recognition systems.

EdSST Visiting Fellows (6month)

(no portrait) Marko Liker, SSRC

Develop a new index for measuring lingual coarticulation using electropalatography, and quantify the dynamics of tongue-palate contact as a consequence of coarticulation.
(no portrait) Janine Lilienthal, SSRC

An Articulatory Study on Postvocalic /r/ Deletion in a Variety of Scottish English
(no portrait) Zhen-Hua Ling, CSTR

Integrating articulatory features into HMM-based parametric speech synthesis.
(no portrait) Chao Qin, CSTR

Predicting tongue shapes from a few landmark locations using ultrasound data.
(no portrait) Ingmar Steiner, CSTR

Development of an interface to an articulatory speech synthesizer from Festival, and adaptation to the English language using articulatory data.