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Publications by Joachim Fainberg


  author = {Fainberg, Joachim and Bell, Peter and Lincoln, Mike and Renals, Steve},
  title = {Improving Children's Speech Recognition through Out-of-Domain Data Augmentation},
  abstract = {Children’s speech poses challenges to speech recognition due to strong age-dependent anatomical variations and a lack of large, publicly-available corpora. In this paper we explore data augmentation for children’s speech recognition using stochastic feature mapping (SFM) to transform out-of-domain adult data for both GMM-based and DNN-based acoustic models. We performed experiments on the English PF-STAR corpus, augmenting using WSJCAM0 and ABI. Our experimental results indicate that a DNN acoustic model for childrens speech can make use of adult data, and that out-of-domain SFM is more accurate than in-domain SFM.},
  year = {2016},
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