The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

CSTR Staff and Students


Name Position Email Office
Simon King Director of CSTR, Professor of Speech Processing IF 3.11
Steve Renals Director of ILCC,Professor of Speech Technology IF 3.15
Hiroshi Shimodaira Lecturer IF 3.04
Junichi Yamagishi EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow IF 3.06
Matthew Aylett Royal Society Industry Fellow IF 5.37
Gergely Bakos Software Developer IF 4.18
Peter Bell Research Fellow IF 3.10
Gustav Henter Marie Curie Fellow IF 3.42
Jonathan Kilgour Research Fellow IF 3.24
Catherine Lai Research Fellow IF 3.43
Korin Richmond Senior Research Fellow IF 3.03
Christophe Veaux Research Fellow IF 3.43
Oliver Watts Research Fellow IF 3.10
Cassia Valentini-Botinhao Research Fellow IF 3.43
Mirjam Wester Research Fellow IF 3.03

PhD students

Name Position Email Office
Rasmus Dall PhD Student IF 3.32
Felipe Espic PhD Student IF 3.05
Joachim Fainberg PhD Student IF 3.05
Qiong Hu PhD Student IF 3.32
Kathrin Haag PhD Student IF 3.38
Herman Kamper PhD Student IF 3.38
Ondrej Klejch PhD Student IF 3.05
Ben Krause PhD Student IF 3.05
Thomas Merritt PhD Student IF 3.33
Siva Reddy Gangireddy PhD Student IF 3.05
M. Sam Ribeiro PhD Student IF 3.34
Srikanth Ronanki PhD Student IF 2.05
Joanna Rownicka PhD Student IF 3.05
Pawel Swietojanski PhD Student IF 3.33

Associate members

Name Position Email Office
Alexandra Birch Research Fellow IF 4.38
Jean Carletta Senior Research Fellow IF 4.26
Sharon Goldwater Reader IF 3.27
Vasilis Karaiskos Research Fellow IF 4.38
Philipp Koehn Professor IF 4.19
Johanna Moore Professor IF 3.14
Miles Osborne Reader IF 3.14
Mark Steedman Professor of Cognitive Science IF 4.15
Maria Wolters Research Fellow IF 3.42

External members

Name Position Email Office
Gregor Hofer CEO (Speech Graphics)
Steve Isard Honorary Fellow
Mike Lincoln CTO (Quorate Technology) AT-6.12
Jim Scobbie Honorary Fellow; Professor of Speech Science (Queen Margaret University)
Keiichi Tokuda Honorary Professor; Professor (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Support staff

Name Position Email Office
Caroline Hastings Portfolio Manager IF 3.35
Helen New Portfolio Manager IF 3.35
Avril Heron Admin Office Supervisor IF 3.37
Nicola Drago Ferrante Institute Administrative Secretary IF 3.37
Julie Laidlaw Senior Secretary IF 3.37