The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Publications by Christophe Veaux

[1] Zhizheng Wu, Pawel Swietojanski, Christophe Veaux, Steve Renals, and Simon King. A study of speaker adaptation for DNN-based speech synthesis. In Interspeech, 2015. [ bib | .pdf ]
[2] Rasmus Dall, Christophe Veaux, Junichi Yamagishi, and Simon King. Analysis of speaker clustering techniques for HMM-based speech synthesis. In Proc. Interspeech, September 2012. [ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]
[3] Junichi Yamagishi, Christophe Veaux, Simon King, and Steve Renals. Speech synthesis technologies for individuals with vocal disabilities: Voice banking and reconstruction. Acoustical Science and Technology, 33(1):1-5, 2012. [ bib | DOI | http | .pdf | Abstract ]