The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Lessac Technologies, Inc. front end software release

This software is released under a license for non-commercial use only. Read and accept the license. Once we have received your registration and your license, we will email you a password. All requests are manually checked.


The following files are available to download from here:
Archive:  lessac_festival.tgz 
Contains: build/festival  
Licenses: (i) Festival license and (ii) Lessac Noncommercial Use Open Source License
Comment:  Lessac license (ii) applies to subdirectory lti_engine in 

Archive:  lessac_festvox.tgz
Contains: build/festvox
Licenses: Language Technologies Institute Carnegie Mellon University 
Comment:  Some modifications in ehmm code, speedups and fixes

Archive:  lessac_frontend.tgz
Contains: build/frontend
Licenses: Lessac Noncommercial Use Open Source License
Comment:  Java code for prosody modeling and implementing Lessemes
          contains the Lesseme based dictionary

Archive:  lessac_lti_synth_tools.tgz
Contains: build/lti_synth_tools
Licenses: Lessac Noncommercial Use Open Source License
Comment:  scripts for synthesis with Lessac system, 
	  additional normalization software. 

Archive:  lessac_lti_tools.tgz
Contains: build/lti_tools
Licenses: Lessac Noncommercial Use Open Source License
Comment:  contains pitchmarking software, joinunits (contains rtmikesynth),
          tapper, hme_train, catextend. Further contains voie_tools with
	  scripts for voice building specifically for the Lessac system.
	  Further contains the perl module

Archive:  lessac_misc.tgz
Contains: build/.
Licenses: N/A
Comment:  Provides a file setenv.bash and a Makefile for building and the README
	  which describes the distribution, the use of licenses, and installation

Archive:  lessac_speech_tools.tgz
Contains: build/speech_tools
Licenses: CSTR Univ Edinburgh license
Comment:  Modifications in EST_viterbi to accommodate realtime pruning

Archive:  lessac_stanford_parser.tgz
Contains: build/standford_parser
Licenses: Lessac Technologies, Inc. 2008-2013, GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2
Comment:  Stanford Parser with additional java modules supporting Lessac's Prosody Engine


C++/Java: The software makes use of a few extras that need to be installed.
There needs of course to be a c++ compiler together with the usual development
environment and libraries. Also required is java at least version 7, and javac
at least version 6, both of which are needed in the front-end and the Stanford

Perl:  Further required is Perl, which is used in the included text
normalization software (written mainly with bash and perl scripts). For the 
synthesizer Perl is only used in one component named 
(~/lti_source/trunk/synthesizer/bin/ but requires a few packages 
(see the header of that may not be part of the standard 
distribution but can be obtained by the ctan mechanism. In particular there is 
package named Roman, and another named Lingua::EN::Numbers::Years, which may or 
may not be in the standard distribution.  The documentation of how to obtain 
these components can easily be found at where there is a 
direct link named "Installing Perl Modules"

SoX: Also required is the SoX software, which should be standard in the linux 
distribution, and the program uni2ascii, used in the text normalization. 
Further, to make mp3 output, the linux software called lame needs to be 
Octave: For installation of the software, there is one step that requires the 
software octave to be installed.

See the README.txt file included in the download for addition information on 
installation of this software

md5 checksums for the files are as follows:
9bf0f80aa2250f9399970f65a5ccce72  lessac_festival.tgz
4150c58acc49ae9cf1f700eef925fd14  lessac_festvox.tgz
4200476ac26d2d6dd8f2fb0203add5c3  lessac_frontend.tgz
c0684b06741e9a50ea9457499b2c4b9f  lessac_lti_synth_tools.tgz
eaba20bcb4a077290cb9d04a42deee50  lessac_lti_tools.tgz
fe45b3eacfb3983e0ed2d359a1ce454a  lessac_misc.tgz
4d53bbe00e4292fedf444232e8db6b48  lessac_speech_tools.tgz
0fbe05895639f6f601ef281899eeba1e  lessac_standford_parser.tgz
and the sizes of the files are:
8.2M    lessac_festival.tgz
20M     lessac_festvox.tgz
1.3M    lessac_frontend.tgz
1.7M    lessac_lti_synth_tools.tgz
51M     lessac_lti_tools.tgz
4.0K    lessac_misc.tgz
1.4M    lessac_speech_tools.tgz
3.4M    lessac_standford_parser.tgz

Contact Simon King for more details.