The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

CSTR Weekly Meeting - Talk Schedule

Time and Place

CSTR meetings will generally held on Monday at 16:00 in IF4.31/4.33 (Spring 2017), but may be prone to deviate this semester due to teaching and other clashes. Please check below for times and locations!


Meetings consist of a 30-45 minute talk followed by questions and discussion.


We've roughly scheduled CSTR members to give one research talks during the year. We expect these annual reports to be interspersed with practice talks, pre-viva talks, talks from visitors etc. At the moment, all regular CSTR members have been scheduled (excluding students who have already completed their DDD). Contact Catherine Lai to select specific dates or if you would like to enter the rota.

Do you have a great idea that you want to develop? You can always schedule a work-in-progress talk earlier than you appear on the list!

Talk schedule

Date Speaker
16 January 2016CSTR general research roundtable
23 January 2016Amelia Gully, University of York
Modelling the Vocal Tract with the 3D Dynamic Digital Waveguide Mesh
30 January 2016
12 noon, IF-4.31
Thanasis Tsanas, Usher institute
Decision support tools using speech signal processing and statistical machine learning
13 February 2017
12 noon, IF-4.31
Peter Bell
27 February 2017
12 noon, IF-3.07(IMR)
Oliver Watts
13 March 2017
12:10 noon, IF-3.07(IMR)
Natsumi Koike, Nagoya Institute of Technology
23 March 2017
Thurs, 2pm, IF-3.07(IMR)
Sam Ribeiro
Suprasegmental representations for the modeling of fundamental frequency in statistical parametric speech synthesis
Thurs, 4:15pm, IF-3.07(IMR)Ahmed Ali
Word Error Rate Estimation for Automatic Speech Recognition: e-WER
4-6 April 2017ENRICH workshop
24 april 2017
4pm, IF-4.31
Zhou Yu, CMU
Situated intelligent interactive systems
1 May 2017
4pm, IF-4.31
Leimin Tian (DDD)
Recognizing Emotions in Spoken Dialogue with Acoustic and Lexical Cues
3 July 2017
12 noon, IF-3.07(IMR)
Carmen Magariños Iglesias, University of Vigo
17 July 2017
4pm, IF-4.31
Cassia Valentini Botinhao
July 2017Matthew Aylett
Steve Renals
Rasmus Dall
August 2017 Interspeech 20-24 August
Junichi Yamagishi
Catherine Lai
September 2017Felipe Espic
Srikanth Ronanki
October 2017Joachim Fainberg
Joanna Rownicka
November 2017Korin Richmond

Coming up next...

(with date of last talk)
Peter Bell (09.02.15)
Oliver Watts (11.05.15)
Junichi Yamagishi (25.05.15)
Sam Ribeiro (03.09.15)
Matthew Aylett (16.11.15)
Steve Renals (11.01.16)
Cassia Valentini (18.01.16)
Rasmus Dall (22.02.16)
Siva Reddy Gangireddy (11.04.16)
Leimin Tian (06.06.15)
Catherine Lai (11.07.16)
Ondrej Klejch (14.11.16)
Felipe Espic (03.08.16)
Srikanth Ronanki (04.08.16)
Kathrin Haag (08.09.16)
Korin Richmond (03.10.16)
Hiroshi Shimodaira (24.10.16)
Simon King (7.11.16)