The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

CSTR Weekly Meeting - Talk Schedule

Time and Place

CSTR meetings will generally held on Monday at 16:10 in IF4.31/4.33 but may be prone to deviate this semester due to teaching and other clashes. Please check below for times and locations!


Meetings consist of a 30-45 minute talk followed by questions and discussion.


We've roughly scheduled CSTR members to give one research talks during the year. We expect these annual reports to be interspersed with practice talks, pre-viva talks, talks from visitors etc. At the moment, all regular CSTR members have been scheduled (excluding students who have already completed their DDD). Contact Catherine Lai to select specific dates or if you would like to enter the rota.

Do you have a great idea that you want to develop? You can always schedule a work-in-progress talk earlier than you appear on the list!

Talk schedule

Date Speaker
10 September 2018 Carol Chermaz
Embedding information in the speech signal 
17 September 2018 Aghilas Sini, IRISA
Prosodic Cues and Discursive Changes in Audiobooks
24 September 2018
Shucong Zhang
First Year Review
01 October 2018 Oliver Watts
Speech Waveform Reconstruction using Convolutional Neural Networks with Noise and Periodic Inputs
08 October 2018 No talk
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15 October 2018 Joanna Rownicka
CNN speech representations and acoustic model adaptation
22 October 2018 Jennifer Williams
Syllable-Level Prosodic Contour Modeling for DNN TTS Synthesis
29 October 2018 ICASSP deadline
12 November 2018 Gustav Henter, KTH
Cyborg speech and other controllable synthesisers: an update on  past and planned research
26 November 2018 Erfan Loweimi
Speech Phase Spectrum: Love It or Leave It?
03 December 2018 Zach Hodari
First Year Review
10 December 2018 Jason Taylor
First Year Review
17 December 2018 No talk
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Coming up next...

(with date of last talk)
Korin Richmond (03.10.16)
Hiroshi Shimodaira (24.10.16)
Peter Bell (13.02.17)
Cassia Valentini (31.07.17)
Aciel Eskhy
Matthew Aylett (09.10.17)
Zack Hodari (16.10.17)
Steve Renals (23.10.17)
Sam Ribeiro (17.11.17)
Srikanth Ronanki (27.11.17)
Ondrej Klejch (05.01.18)
Felipe Espic (12.02.18)
Joachim Fainberg (13.02.18)
Andrea Carmantini (09.04.18)
Avashna Govender (16.04.18)
Simon Vandieken (23.04.18)
Simon King (14.05.18)
Catherine Lai (21.05.18)
Junichi Yamagishi (11.06.18)
Carol Chermaz (10.09.18)
Oliver Watts (1.10.18)
Joanna Rownicka (15.10.18)
Jennifer Williams (22.10.18)