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How to get your publications listed on the CSTR website

Please use the following form to submit bibtex files containing entries intended for the CSTR website. More instructions and information about submitting publications may be found below.

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More information

The publications listings on the CSTR website are automatically generated from a database in bibtex format. To get your publications listed on the website, you need to submit a file of suitable bibtex entries above. Following validation, these are fowarded to the current maintainer Korin (), who will include the entries in the CSTR publication repository. The format for this file is described below.

Who should submit publication bibtex entries?

Any CSTR member, as and when they have a paper published! Where multiple members of CSTR co-author a paper, only one bibtex entry should be submitted; it's up to the authors concerned to decide who should do this, but will probably most often be the first author.

Reminders are sent round now and again to solicit entries for new publications. However, to keep the listings up-to-date, please submit bibtex entries as and when your new publications occur rather than waiting for this!

Required format of bibtex entries

The format is standard bibtex, with some additional fields: You can see examples of the required format at:

To stress again, please set the PDF URL to somewhere the paper is publicly accessible on the web *currently*, so the automatic script can find it. (For the curious, an automatic processing script downloads a copy of the paper, puts it in the repository and changes the link in the bibtex entry that goes on the CSTR website accordingly.)

Other points to note:

Quality control

To maintain the accuracy and quality of the publications listings on the CSTR website, you are asked to check your own personal listings. These are accessible from the "list available here" link on each CSTR personnel page. It's helpful to quickly check not only the accuracy and completeness of the entries that appear, but also that the links both work *and* point to the correct paper.

Doing this after providing new publications entries is certainly necessary, but it's also useful to check them periodically anyway (in case something has gone wrong, or you appear on a paper that someone else has submitted and you don't agree with the details :).

Finally, there's no need to check your entries on the grouped CSTR publications page (, because that page is generated from the same underlying data. Just checking your own listing from your personnel page is sufficient.

Making changes

If you require to make changes to preexisting entries, the recommended way of doing this is to:

Reporting problems

Please report problems to .

Note: after changes have been made to the web site, your browser may still be showing you its own cached version. Before reporting changes that don't appear to have succeeded, please make sure you are getting the most up-to-date version by pressing "shift" and reload in your browser.