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This paper details the standards identified for phonetic transcription of names as part of the ONOMASTICA project, a European-wide research initiative for the construction of a multi-language pronunciation lexicon of proper names. The main design criteria adopted by the consortium for the development of this multi-language pronunciation dictionary are discussed, including aspects such as phonetic transcription standards, definitions of quality, quality control mechanisms and language specific details concerning phonetic transcription and the annotation of the language of origin.

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This paper proposes a novel method for segmenting continuous speech into accent phrases by using a prosodic feature 'pitch pattern'. The pitch pattern extracted from input speech signals is divided into the accent segments automatically by using the One-Stage DP algorithm, in which reference templates representing various types of accent patterns and connectivity between them are used to find out the optimum sequence of accent segments. In case of making the reference templates from a large number of training data, the LBG clustering algorithm is used to represent typical accent patterns by a small number of templates. Evaluation tests were carried out using the ATR continuous speech database of a male speaker. Experimental results showed more than 91 % of phrase boundaries were correctly detected.

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