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Various systems exist to measure the egressive (and ingressive)airflow (airpressure) from the oral and nasal cavities.

The SNORS system (super Nasal Oral Ratiometry System) is a clinical tool with a similar purpose to the nasometer.

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The Rothenberg system provides masks for adults and children but there is no anaysis software supplied.

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The Physiologia system again uses both oral add nasal airflow transducers. The oral airflow rate is measured by a grid pneumotachograph (PTG) with a low dead volume, good linearity, and a wide range on 6 scales: 5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.2, and 0.1 dm3 per second (or liters/second). The interface between the subject's face and the transducer is achieved via flexible silicone rubber mouthpiece.The nasal airflow transducer is identical to the buccal airflow transducer. its location and shape were designed to guarantee maximum nasal air evacuation and measurement accuracy. The nasal airflow rate is measured in the nostrils using silicone nosepieces of various sizes. The measurement scales and ranges are the same as for the oral airflow transducer.
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