The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh

Publications by Heng Lu

[1] Heng Lu, Simon King, and Oliver Watts. Combining a vector space representation of linguistic context with a deep neural network for text-to-speech synthesis. In 8th ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis, pages 281-285, Barcelona, Spain, August 2013. [ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]
[2] H. Lu and S. King. Factorized context modelling for text-to-speech synthesis. In Proc. ICASSP, Vancouver, Canada, May 2013. [ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]
[3] Heng Lu and Simon King. Using Bayesian networks to find relevant context features for HMM-based speech synthesis. In Proc. Interspeech, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 2012. [ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]