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Euromasters summer school 2005: computing help

There are more computing tips, specific to each tutorial, on some of the tutorial web pages.

Getting help

First, try to solve the problem using the information on this page. If you cannot do this, then:
  • For DICE (the Appleton Tower labs):
    • the Support Office is in room 5.06 (at the back of the big lab), or phone 0131 650 2686 (internal: 50 2686)
    • Also, see this page

  • For TAAL (the Adam Ferguson Building lab), computer support officers are:
    • For Windows, Eddie Dubourg in room 219, telephone 0131 650 3957 (internal: 503957). Eddie is sometimes in room B10 (access from the teaching lab that the tutorial is in)
    • For Unix, Cedric MacMartin in room 216, telephone 0131 650 3963 (internal: 503963)
    • Also, see this page
If you cannot get hold of support, you could try me (although I do not have root access to any systems):
  • Simon King, 5 Buccleuch Place, room 2R08. Telephone 0131 650 1725 (internal: 501725), email Simon.King@ed.ac.uk
  • Or contact me via Avril Heron or Caroline Hastings on 0131 650 4434 (internal: 504434)
or try
  • Rob Clark, 5 Buccleuch Place, room 3R10. Telephone 0131 651 3174 (internal: 513174), email Rob.Clark@ed.ac.uk

Sound in the Appleton Tower labs (DICE machines)

When you first log in, you need to:
  • Disable the KDE sound server (aRts) - here is how:
    1. Using the menu (red hat icon, lower left of screen), choose "Control Centre"
    2. click "Sound and Multimedia"
    3. click "Sound system"
    4. uncheck the "Start aRts..." tickbox.
There should be no need to do this next time you log in (but if sound doesn't work, try doing it again).

Then, if sound still doesn't work, here are some things to try. Try the one at a time, and test the sound at each step. Try them in the order given below:

  • Make sure your headphones are plugged in to the FRONT PANEL headphone socket
  • Turn the volume up (launch the volume control via the red hat icon, lower left of screen): using the volume control, turn up the volume for the main output, and also for PCM1 and PCM2
  • log out, then reboot the machine using the menu available from the log-in screen (do not use the power button!)
  • Check that no other process is accessing /dev/dsp; if there is, then kill it:
    1. /sbin/fuser /dev/dsp
    2. kill -9 <process number>
  • Log out, then try a different machine!

Switching between Linux and Windows in the Adam Ferguson Building lab (TAAL machines)

Read the notices on the wall, or the handout you were given at registration. Switching to Linux involves shutting down Windows. Switching to Windows involves logging in to the Linux login screen with a special username and password.

Please, never reboot these machines

Memory installed on each machine


All machines (tlab1 to tlab20) have 1GB RAM installed.


Lab machines have either 256MB or 512MB RAM installed. If you need more memory, then you can run on student.compute.inf.ed.ac.uk which has 4GB (note: sound playback will then not be possible).

It is acceptable to reboot these machines if necessary, using the menus available from the login screen (do NOT use the power switch!)

achille 254776k
adelphe 254776k
alida 254776k
amandine 254776k
amedee 254776k
amour 254776k
angele 254776k
anicet 254776k
anthelme 254776k
apollinaire 254776k
arnaud 254776k
aubin 254776k
augustin 254776k
aymar 254776k
barthelemy 254776k
beaquoy 513292k
bienvenue 254776k
benoit 254776k
berenger 254776k
bernardin 254776k
bertille 254776k
binnaquoy 513292k
blandine 254776k
bosquoy 513292k
clemence 254776k
constantin 254776k
crepinien 254776k
domna 254776k
donatien 254776k
edwige 254776k
elvire 254776k
emeline 254776k
evrard 254776k
feolquoy 254776k
firmin 254776k
fleur 254776k
francois 254776k
gabin 254776k
gaetan 254776k
gautier 254776k
genevieve 254776k
gildas 254776k
gontran 254776k
guillaume 254776k
gwladys 254776k
habib 254776k
hillquoy 513292k
hippolyte 254776k
honorine 513316k
horraquoy 513292k
howequoy 254776k
huges 513292k
hunchaquoy 513292k
millquoy 513292k
mucklequoy 513292k
mussaquoy 513292k
northquoy 513292k
osquoy 513292k
ouraquoy 513292k
ramsquoy 513292k
scalpay 513292k
settersquoy 513292k
skaildaquoy 513292k
skatequoy 513292k
southerquoy 505208k
stenaquoy 513292k
suckquoy 513292k
twartquoy 513292k
vacquoy 513292k
vetquoy 513292k